Funeral Flowers

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Sympathy flowers quietly share memories when words don’t come so easily. A natural expression of someone meaningful, all that they loved and all that they gave. Soft tonal colours and scented herbs can bring a small sense of calm to funeral services; and for families to take home, for times of remembrance and reflection

With a warm approach, I focus on making the process of designing sympathy flowers simple but thoughtful. I am more than happy to meet at your chosen funeral directors to discuss your ideas, understand your preferences and the memories important to you. I can then work alongside your funeral director to understand all the logistics so you don’t need to worry or follow-up with questions or answers

Respecting the sensitive privilege of designing flowers for an occasion so intimate and personal is important to me; and I will do everything to give you the most personal and discreet service possible. On my FAQs page is some further detailed information which I hope find helpful and answers any questions. When you are ready, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Beautiful, stunning flowers. Respectful, thoughtful and so serene…


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