The Design Process

Designing your wedding flowers is one of the lovely, creative parts of your planning process. By the time you come around to thinking about your bridal bouquet, bridesmaids’ flowers and dressing your wedding venue spaces you will probably have wedding colours you like in mind and may even have chosen your wedding dress! Both of which are really useful to share with your florist when you come to briefing them as they help to shape and inform your designs.

When we refine your creative flower brief at Just Joey on the Moon I like to meet together in Henley for coffee or at your wedding venue. This helps me get to know you a little bit better and if at your venue, walking through the spaces together gives us the opportunity to chat through the different options for each stage of your day. I love to hear all about your early ideas and most importantly any stories that are personal to you, that you may want to share. It’s then my job to find a way to incorporate these through the development process and ultimately in the flowers we choose and create for your wedding day.

Personal Touches

This could be something as small as using rose petals from your Grandparents garden for confetti or creating the feel of the garden meadows where your grew up for your wedding aisle. I love to find ways to use flowers to share your stories; big or small. It makes your wedding day feel personal and guests love hearing about the reasons behind all the lovely little touches.

Your Flower Inspiration

Once I’ve finalised the brief for your wedding flowers (I use the same process as in my days in creative advertising), I will set to work to prepare a design response for you. This is a beautiful outline brimming with inspirations and ideas to bring everything to life. I take lots of care to ensure to capture everything about you, share new ideas, interesting solutions and little ideas that perhaps you hadn’t even thought about. It’s a really lovely document to spend some time indulging in and a first taste of visualising what everything may look like on your day!

Ultimately, the idea is to start with you both as an inspiration source rather than a theme or a colour palette. Of course these come into the design but the basis is to tell your stories throughout everything we create. If you would like to have a chat about your wedding flowers please don’t hesitate to contact me or alternatively take a look at our wedding services here. I’d love to hear from you x