We are delighted to announce the news of a partnership with our friends, the colour experts, at Farrow and Ball Henley. They will be joining us for our Christmas Wreath Making Workshops at The Henley School of Art this December on Saturday 1st and Wednesday 5th. All the lovely details can be found here.


Colour Gorgeousness


Henley Florist Partnership with Farrow and Ball

Images courtesy of Farrow & Ball


I am a secret Farrow & Ball addict. When we bought our little (but beautifully) formed Victorian townhouse in Henley I created so many interiors moodboards on Pinterest that I had to make them private for fear of being found out! I gravitated to the gorgeous muted tonal shades of the Farrow & Ball colour chart and developed a scheme around them for each room.

Spending time in the Farrow & Ball Henley store with Simone and her team helped give me some guide rails. What tones worked together, what shades of white added warmth, where I could throw a splash of bold and where a pop of colour would add a spice of fabulousness. During the process I realised it felt very much like a floral consultation with my bridal clients, where we look at how to bring to life a wedding vision through not just colour but textures and stories and surprise.


Wreath Making


As the ultimate experts in colour I am so excited to have them join us for the Christmas Wreath Making Workshops. The Farrow & Ball team will introduce the sessions by showcasing their 9 new colours and share some inspiration before we start the design process and get set creating your own gorgeous Christmas Wreaths. I will share the stories that inspired my capsule wreath collection this year – if you havent had a peak yet, the designs are here.¬†We we will get crafting….

Tickets for Saturday are all sold out. But 2 tickets for Wednesday have just become available! Hurry, they wont last long. x