Wedding season is upon us and I am so excited about bringing to life lots of the designs I have been working on with my 2019 clients for their wedding flowers. Finding the right bridal bouquet inspiration can often be a daunting task, alongside all the other wedding planning decisions you face it can sometimes feel like choice overload; which often prevents any decisions being made at all! So, here at Just Joey on the Moon, I have developed a bespoke creative process that I use with my bride and grooms’ to help make designing their wedding flowers and the bridal bouquet easier and a little more inspiring. We always start off with the three principles below…

Your Bridal Bouquet – Style
Wild and Natural Bridal Bouquet Inspiration

Wild and Natural Bridal Bouquet Ideas from Henley Florist © Just Joey on the Moon

Spend a little time thinking about style. Do you prefer the neat and tidy look, something quite formal and traditional? Or do you embrace a more whimsical, natural, garden-gathered feel? Have a look around the way you style your house, the patterns in your wardrobe, the photos you take on your phone, even the way you style your hair at the weekend. They will help bring clues about the things you naturally embrace but also the looks you find attractive but are unsure of how to achieve

My house style at Just Joey on the Moon is Elegantly Wild – creeping tendrils and bouncing flower heads. That feeling of brushing past long grasses in summer fields and arranging flowers as if they are still growing. I find it natural and interesting, no two designs ever look or feel the same. But many brides and grooms ask me if they should seek inspiration from their venue. For instance, if Danesfield House Hotel is formal and grand, should their flowers feel the same? And my answer if always the same… We use your venue as a canvas or a stage to stamp your own story onto it. So no matter what the venue feels like, your story should be the starting point

Your Bridal Bouquet – Colour
Colourful Wedding Bouquet Summer

Colourful Wedding Bouquet Ideas from Henley Florist © Just Joey on the Moon

By the time you come to thinking about your wedding flowers you probably have a colour palette in mind. You may have chosen your dress, your shoes, a suit, some ties… The venue may well have a bold interior look that you mindful isn’t particularly you or a season like Christmas and you don’t want a red and green wedding! Sometimes my brides say they know exactly what they don’t like but haven’t a clue where to start with creating a colour scheme they like or that feels unique and effortlessly them…

Creatives across all sectors far and beyond floristry have a sense of what colours work well together and an appreciation for different textures. Sometimes this is born from a natural instinct and often it is learnt through some tried and tested colour rules. You may have heard or used a colour wheel or looked to nature to see this living perfectly in action

Whilst I completely respect these formulas I tend to be a little more organic when I think about your wedding flowers. I like to meet all my bride and grooms to get a sense of them, hear their passions, understand what sort of personalities they have and from this can build a story and a suitable colour profile. Asking quick fire questions as simple as ‘Anthropologie or White Company’ ‘Tuscany or Miami’ can give a good steer to help conjure up a starting plan

Your Bridal Bouquet – Storytelling & Memories
Burgundy Blush Bridal Bouquet

Burgundy and Blush Bridal Bouquet by Henley Florist © Just Joey on the Moon

This is my favourite part of all. How we can capture some of the things that are precious to you in the flowers we create? This could be a general feeling. For example, growing up the countryside may be a really fond childhood memory so we might create a flower meadow look or try to source a particular scent that you remember. It could also be something more focused  like a rose that was a favourite of a passed family member; at my own wedding I had a single Just Joey rose as a symbol of my wonderful Grandmother. Or perhaps it could be a place or location, for instance a country where you got engaged or you have warm memories together

When we have a sense of all these things together we can think of ways to weave this through the flowers for your ceremony, your reception and importantly your bridal bouquet. If you are working independently or with another florist a short paragraph or three bullet points capturing these elements could be really helpful to spark some wonderful creative ideas


If you would like to chat about your wedding flowers or bridal bouquet inspiration do just drop me a note here and I will come straight back to you. For now, I must get back to flowering! Stay tuned on instagram @justjoeyonthemoon for more wedding behind the scenes. Claudia x