A warm welcome and a happy hello from a sun-filled stretch of the river in Henley-on-Thames. I’m Claudia, the creative hands behind the blooming floral design studio, Just Joey on the Moon. A little bit different to a high-street florist store – I work purely on beautiful events, with brands, brides and their grooms and providing truly personal sympathy flowers for funerals. Each and every order of flowers I make is specifically with a bespoke project in mind.

I’ve taken on the role as chief story-teller in a bid to conquer my flower-filled mission and help all my clients share their memories, tales, sentiments and reflections through the flowers I create for them. I promise this isn’t an over-promising sentiment of passion; as a concept it really does deliver…

During my early years working in creative advertising agencies, helping amazing brands to communicate their stories through TV commercials and old-fashioned newspaper ads we started to see a shift. Firstly to digital, then to short film, then to events, pop-ups and experiences, next to music, partnerships and so the list goes on. But the premise is the same, we find a medium and we use it to say something. Something that rings true and creates impact. Flowers are just another visual devise…and perhaps, just maybe, a little more desirable? (Shhh! Don’t tell my advertising friends…but seriously, no one fast-forwards a bouquet…)

I’ve created flower-meadows for a birthday party sharing memories of a childhood summer, sourced the same tiny cream roses for a christening that the mother had at hers, designed a memorial with calming herbs and scented ferns as a tribute to a lover of woodland walks. Flowers that say – but also flowers that feel.

My style is wildly elegant. I love trailing pieces and varying textures. Nothing too structured, tidy or prim; all a little more garden-gathered. Think scented and floating, tumbling and natural; mixing in herbs and beautiful foliage helps to create my house style.

My next post will be exploring the creative process behind wedding colours and designing bridal bouquets. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss a flower project, please do get in contact. I’d love to hear from you. Claudia x